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Mike gerstenfeld, md

  • Designated Civil Surgeon
  • Department Of Homeland Security
  • U.S.Citizen & Immigration Services

Please bring government issued identification and all vaccination records to your appointment.

Use our contact form below for any questions or concerns, or to schedule an appointment.


Please email us a copy of your government issued passport so we may start your I693 process. Please remember to bring the original with you for your scheduled appointment. Kindly forward your immunization records to us in advance, so we may review them and order any required laboratory tests/immunizations. Receiving information in advance will help to expedite your I-693 process. The average time for completion of all requirements and for you to receive your signed and sealed I-693 is 7-10 business days.


We use Quest laboratory primarily. Should you have a preference at a different laboratory, please let us know. After you receive your lab order, you may find locations and schedule online with Quest labs:


Integrated Medical has a contracted discount fee schedule with Quest Diagnostics for any lab orders for patients that do not have medical insurance.

Fees & Insurance

Please find a list of potential I-693 related fees here. Payment is expected upon receipt of the invoice from our office and prior to the release of any final documentation. Payment for any additional clinical evaluations from outside providers are the sole responsibility of the patient.

If you have U.S. health insurance, consider emailing our office a copy of your health insurance card (front and back) as some laboratory costs and immunizations may be covered; we can assist you further with this so please contact us with any questions. Most insurance companies will not pay for administrative examinations: (Z02.89) Encounter for administrative examination.

Please note that some charges may not be covered by your insurance. Integrated Medical assumes no responsibility for health insurance reimbursement for requisite I693 clinical orders. The patient assumes all financial responsibility.


We will review your immunization requirements with you.

Applicants who are too young to receive the vaccine or have a medical contraindication to the vaccine will not be required to receive the vaccine.

At this time a 3rd COVID booster is not required for completion of the medical examination, only the primary series of 1 or 2 doses depending on the formulation; however, this may change in the near future, and applicants should anticipate further updates to the technical instructions.

I-693, Instructions for Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination records here

The CDC Vaccine Requirements According to Applicant Age may be found here


If you do not have records of immunization for the tests listed above, we will send you a lab order to test for immunity.

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