Traditional & Complementary Healthcare


iMedCenter provides traditional and complementary medicine with a balanced approach toward the goal of optimizing your health.

Wherever possible, safe proven methods are used in conjunction with traditional medicine to assure that your final choice is both safe and minimally invasive.

We offer family practice, internal and sports medicine, pain management, chiropractic, naturopathy, clinical nutrition, therapeutic massage and physical therapy.

Some examples of the conditions we treat are sports injuries, neck and back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia and diabetes.

Why Us

Experience, Balance and Teamwork.

That's how we describe the iMedCenter team. This teamwork, plus our unique “patient advocacy approach”, assures that the most effect pathway to Health & Fitness has been selected from a broad range of evidence-based health care disciplines.

You may know all too well yourself how a personal injury, whether on the job, at home or on the sports field, can put you out of the game.

Discover optimum health & wellness for you and your family at iMedCenter.